The balcony of Europe

The Balcony of Europe is located in Nerja, on the cliff that separates the beaches of Salón and Calahonda. It offers the best views in the whole city. It is undeniably the most visited and photographed monument in the city. Hundreds of tourists come every year to contemplate the Mediterranean Sea.

The beaches of Nerja

Visitors can go to Nerja to enjoy its beautiful beaches, characterized by their calm waters and fine sand: Burriana, Calahonda, Le Salon, La Torrecilla and El Playazo are the best known and the most recommended. Most of Nerja's beaches are Blue Flag, and you'll find a huge range of activities on offer on each, such as windsurfing, diving, children's games, volleyball nets and more. However, it is quite possible to relax on the beach and do nothing for several hours if you wish! Keep reading to find out more about the beaches of Nerja.

The rio Chillar

The Rio Chillar hike is probably the best known of all the hikes in the province. It is long, for the bravest, 15 km and with an average difficulty.
You only need a pair of sneakers that fear nothing, because the hike is done with your feet in the water

Caves of Nerja

The cave has a length of 4,283 m, but it is only possible to visit a third of it, that is to say the area of ​​the lower galleries. The importance of this cave lies in the fact that it presents almost all types of known natural formations. In addition, it is easily accessible for the visitor, due to its large rooms with very high ceilings.

Beaches of El Canuelo

El Cañuelo beach is one of the best hidden beaches in Nerja. It is located on the border between Granada and Málaga, in the heart of the Acantilados de Maro – Cerro Gordo natural site, which is made up of steep cliffs. Access to the beach is difficult, and swimmers are advised to wear good shoes.


To discover Frigiliana, we recommend you to get lost in its beautiful Moorish streets that have preserved their original structure.
Beautiful facades, sublime doors and balconies and especially colorful streets with flowers and plants carefully arranged. Frigiliana is a postcard in itself with its warm atmosphere, its fountains.
At each corner, you will have what to make hundreds of photos so much everything is pretty! One traverses it in 1 day.